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Gregory Harrison
Birthday: 31 May 1950

Below is a complete filmography (list of movies he's appeared in) for Gregory Harrison. If you have any corrections or additions, please email us at corrections@CelebMart.com. We'd also be interested in any trivia or other information you have.


Movie Credits
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First Shot (Made for TV) (2001)
Au Pair II (Made for TV) (2001)
Canone inverso - making love (2000)
Gabriel Byrne ] 
First Target (Made for TV) (2000)
First Daughter (Made for TV) (1999)
Au Pair (Made for TV) (1999)
Murder at 75 Birch (Made for TV) (1999)
Air Bud: Golden Receiver (1998)
Running Wild (Made for TV) (1997)
When Secrets Kill (Made for TV) (1997)
Summer of Fear (Made for TV) (1996)
It's My Party (1996)
Steve Antin ] [ Eric Roberts ] [ Bruce Davison ] [ George Segal ] [ Greg Louganis ] [ Brian To ] [ Christopher Atkins ] 
Dangerous Affair, A (Made for TV) (1995)
Christopher Meloni ] 
Hard Evidence (1995)
Christmas Romance, A (Made for TV) (1994)
Lies of the Heart: The Story of Laurie Kellogg (Made for TV) (1994)
Alexis Arquette ] 
Mortal Fear (Made for TV) (1994)
Family Torn Apart, A (Made for TV) (1993)
John M Jackson ] [ Neil Patrick Harris ] 
Cadillac Girls (1993)
Caught in the Act (1993)
Split Images (Made for TV) (1992)
Body Chemistry II: The Voice of a Stranger (1992)
Jeremy Piven ] 
Breaking the Silence (Made for TV) (1992)
Duplicates (Made for TV) (1992)
Bare Essentials (Made for TV) (1991)
Dangerous Pursuit (Made for TV) (1990)
Brian Wimmer ] 
Angel of Death (Made for TV) (1990)
Chris Mulkey ] 
Red River (Made for TV) (1988)
Bruce Boxleitner ] [ Guy Madison ] 
Hot Paint (Made for TV) (1988)
North Shore (1987)
Picnic (Made for TV) (1986)
Josh Brolin ] 
Nativity, The (1986)
Oceans of Fire (Made for TV) (1986)
David Carradine ] [ Ken Norton ] 
Seduced (Made for TV) (1985)
Razorback (1984)
Fighter, The (1983)
Hasty Heart, The (Made for TV) (1983)
Perry King ] 
For Ladies Only (Made for TV) (1981)
Kraft Salutes Disneyland's 25th Anniversary (Made for TV) (1980)
Michael Jackson ] 
Women's Room, The (Made for TV) (1980)
Enola Gay: The Men, the Mission, the Atomic Bomb (Made for TV) (1980)
Walter Olkewicz ] [ Billy Crystal ] 
Best Place to Be, The (Made for TV) (1979)
Timothy Hutton ] 
Fraternity Row (1977)
Cliff Robertson ] 
Gathering, The (Made for TV) (1977)
Bruce Davison ] 
Jim the World's Greatest (1976)
Trilogy of Terror (Made for TV) (1975)
New Original Wonder Woman, The (Made for TV) (1975)
Lyle Waggoner ] 
Harrad Experiment, The (1973)
Bruno Kirby ] [ Fred Willard ] [ Don Johnson ] 

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