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Tim Matheson
Birthday: 31 December 1947

Below is a complete filmography (list of movies he's appeared in) for Tim Matheson. If you have any corrections or additions, please email us at We'd also be interested in any trivia or other information you have.



Raised in California's San Fernando Valley, Tim Matheson exhibited a love for the entertainment world at an early age, writing and performing mini-plays with friends. He also enrolled in an acting class and quickly caught the eye of a Hollywood talent agent. His first television role was on the series "Window on Main Street, " and was followed by roles on such hits as "The Twilight Zone, " "Leave It to Beaver, " "My Three Sons" and "The Mickey Rooney Show." In addition, gifted with unique vocal versatility, Matheson provided voices for popular Hanna-Barbera cartoon characters, including "Johnny Quest." Soon after his feature film debut in "Divorce American Style" opposite Debbie Reynolds and Dick Van Dyke, Matheson joined the Marine Corps Reserves and pursued collegiate studies. However, during this period he was still under contract with Universal and appeared in virtually every one of their television projects, including "The Virginian, " "The Bold Ones" and "Bonanza." Next, Matheson began four years of intense theatrical study at the Actors and Directors Lab in Los Angeles. He landed the role of Romeo in San Diego's Shakespeare Festival, and also co-founded the well-known improvisational group The Groundlings. Matheson has truly come a long way since his breakout role in the timeless comedy classic "Animal House." Some of his recent film credits include "A Very Brady Sequel"; "Black Sheep, " with Chris Farley; "She's All That, " with Freddie Prinze Jr. and Rachel Leigh Cook; and "The Story of Us, " with Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer. His telefilms include "An Unfinished Affair, " with Jennie Garth; "Christmas in My Hometown, " with Melissa Gilbert and Travis Tritt; and "Forever Love, " opposite Reba McEntire. In the fall of 1998, Matheson made his foray back into television, starring opposite Darryl Hannah in the Showtime series "Rescuers: Stories of Courage - Two Families." Currently, he can be seen as the vice president of the United States, along with Martin Sheen and Rob Lowe, in the NBC series "The West Wing." As an actor, director and producer, Matheson has truly embraced his craft, both in front of and behind the camera. Most recently, he directed "In the Company of Spies, " an in-depth look at the CIA, for Showtime.

Biography courtesy of the Internet Movie Database (

Movie Credits
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Van Wilder: Party Liaison (2002)
Ryan Reynolds ] [ Erik Estrada ] 
Wolf Lake (Made for TV) (2001)
Jeff Fahey ] [ Bruce McGill ] [ Lou Diamond Phillips ] 
Judas & Jesus (Made for TV) (2001)
Second Honeymoon (Made for TV) (2000)
Sharing the Secret (Made for TV) (2000)
Hell Swarm (Made for TV) (2000)
Chump Change (2000)
Fred Willard ] 
Navigating the Heart (Made for TV) (2000)
She's All That (1999)
Alexis Arquette ] 
At the Mercy of a Stranger (Made for TV) (1999)
Story of Us, The (1999)
Bruce Willis ] 
Very Unlucky Leprechaun, A (1998)
Catch Me If You Can (Made for TV) (1998)
William Katt ] 
Forever Love (Made for TV) (1998)
Sam Kinison: Why Did We Laugh? (Made for TV) (1998)
Sleeping with the Devil (Made for TV) (1997)
Rescuers: Stories of Courage: Two Families (Made for TV) (1997)
Buried Alive 2 (Made for TV) (1997)
Holiday for Love, A (Made for TV) (1996)
Black Sheep (1996)
Bruce McGill ] [ David Spade ] 
Buried Secrets (Made for TV) (1996)
Twilight Man (Made for TV) (1996)
Unfinished Affair, An (Made for TV) (1996)
Peter Facinelli ] 
Very Brady Sequel, A (1996)
Whip Hubley ] [ David Spade ] 
Making of '1941', The (1996)
Midnight Heat (1995)
Jonny Quest vs. the Cyber Insects (1995)
Fast Company (Made for TV) (1995)
Tails You Live, Heads You're Dead (Made for TV) (1995)
Corbin Bernsen ] 
Target of Suspicion (Made for TV) (1994)
While Justice Sleeps (Made for TV) (1994)
Dying to Love You (Made for TV) (1993)
Harmful Intent (Made for TV) (1993)
Kiss to Die For, A (Made for TV) (1993)
William Forsythe ] 
Relentless: Mind of a Killer (Made for TV) (1993)
Giancarlo Esposito ] [ Eric McCormack ] 
Shameful Secrets (Made for TV) (1993)
Bruce McGill ] 
Trial & Error (Made for TV) (1993)
Quicksand: No Escape (Made for TV) (1992)
Donald Sutherland ] 
Sometimes They Come Back (1991)
Robert Rusler ] 
Woman Who Sinned, The (Made for TV) (1991)
Drop Dead Fred (1991)
Horror Hall of Fame, The (Made for TV) (1990)
Anthony Perkins ] 
Solar Crisis (1990)
Charlton Heston ] [ Jack Palance ] 
Buried Alive (1990)
Arnold Vosloo ] 
Joshua's Heart (Made for TV) (1990)
Little White Lies (Made for TV) (1989)
Gerard Butler ] [ Jeff Altman ] 
Littlest Victims, The (Made for TV) (1989)
Speed Zone! (1989)
Body Wars (1989)
Bay Coven (Made for TV) (1987)
Woody Harrelson ] 
Warm Hearts, Cold Feet (Made for TV) (1987)
Blind Justice (Made for TV) (1986)
John M Jackson ] 
Fletch (1985)
Chevy Chase ] [ Freeman King ] 
Obsessed with a Married Woman (Made for TV) (1985)
Making of 'Up the Creek', The (Made for TV) (1984)
Jeff East ] 
Impulse (1984)
Jeff Fahey ] [ Bill Paxton ] 
House of God, The (1984)
James Cromwell ] 
Up the Creek (1984)
Jeff East ] 
Best Legs in the 8th Grade, The (Made for TV) (1984)
James Belushi ] 
To Be or Not to Be (1983)
Listen to Your Heart (Made for TV) (1983)
Little Sex, A (1982)
Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again, The (1979)
1941 (1979)
Treat Williams ] [ James Caan ] [ Perry Lang ] [ Walter Olkewicz ] [ Mickey Rourke ] 
Dreamer (1979)
Almost Summer (1978)
Bruno Kirby ] [ John Friedrich ] 
Animal House (1978)
Bruce McGill ] [ James Daughton ] [ Donald Sutherland ] [ Kevin Bacon ] 
Mary White (Made for TV) (1977)
Hemingway Play, The (Made for TV) (1977)
Perry King ] 
Quest, The (Made for TV) (1976)
Brian Keith ] [ Kurt Russell ] 
Captive: The Longest Drive 2, The (1976)
Kurt Russell ] 
Runaway Barge, The (Made for TV) (1975)
Nick Nolte ] 
Last Day, The (Made for TV) (1975)
Robert Conrad ] 
Remember When (Made for TV) (1974)
Hitched (Made for TV) (1973)
Magnum Force (1973)
Hal Holbrook ] [ Clint Eastwood ] 
Owen Marshall, Counsellor at Law (Made for TV) (1971)
Bruce Davison ] 
Lock, Stock and Barrel (Made for TV) (1971)
Claude Akins ] 
How to Commit Marriage (1969)
Yours, Mine and Ours (1968)
Divorce American Style (1967)
Mystery of the Chinese Junk, The (1967)
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